art for eternityWelcome Fred & Olga Lutesnko
Kindness Foundation

Wednesday, April 9 – 6:30 p.m.
FBC Fellowship Hall

The Kindness Foundation will be bringing Art for Eternity, a collection of Biblical art created by students ages 10-18 who live in Russia and Ukraine to the Meridian Museum of Art.  On Wednesday, April 9, the Lutesnkos will share during Prayer Meeting about their ministry with Kindness International who began distributing Bibles to students in Russia over 20 years ago. The Russian government recognized the need to develop a strong moral code after 75 years of Communism left their society faltering and they identified the Bible as the best source of that curriculum. Since all the Bibles had been destroyed under Communism, there was a need for Bibles and Kindness International stepped in. At a recent conference of high-level officials in Ukraine, a resolution was reached to continue using Christian morals and ethics as the base for teaching culture and tolerance, and implementing innovative teaching practices, so the demand for Bibles continues to expand.

Please plan to come and hear how God is at work in Russia and Ukraine.