This  Bible Study identifies ways God continues to call His people to be set apart and holy, reflecting His character. The Book of Deuteronomy records Moses’ final messages to the people of Israel as they prepare to move into the Promised Land. He presented a challenge to a new generation of Israelites who had not experienced the Egyptian captivity or God’s miraculous acts of deliverance on their behalf (that generation died during the wilderness wandering). God is presented as being compassionate to His people, while calling them to live a life that reflects His character. Moses warned the Hebrews of the consequences of failing to follow God’s standards.

Through this study we will be reminded that only through Christ can the curse of sin be broken and that we are called to reflect God’s holiness. We will also realize that God is both compassionate (love) and holy, with both working in total harmony. We hope you will join us for this exciting study.