fbcmeridianAt First Baptist Church, Meridian you’ll find a wide range of Bible studies, missions organizations, outreach opportunities, children and youth activities and worship.

We realize how easy it is to become caught in an endless maze of activities so we suggest that our members try to build a life which takes into account three basic commitments.

Worship – We believe that every person should present himself to God on a regular basis, so we suggest that our members preserve a daily time for meeting with God. We also believe that gathering with the church family on a weekly basis for a time of corporate worship is a crucial part of developing your Christian life.

Small Group Life – Every life needs other people particularly for spiritual growth. As a practical matter, we cannot grow as quickly if our effort is solitary. Other people help us to understand what the scripture teaches. Additionally, meeting with other people week by week forms the basis for relationships which can be transformative. These are people who will stand with you in life’s struggles and are the people with whom you’ll share in God’s service.

Ministry – God has work for all of us to do. He has given you a set of skills and abilities and relationships which will point you in a direction in which your life will become useful in his service. Continual involvement in Christ’s service is an important part of  becoming the person God has intended you to be.  FBC will provide many opportunities for you to become active in ministry.

As you consider a place in the life of FBC, we’re anticipating that you’re serious enough about your relationship with Christ to actively work at becoming the person he has intended you to be. We hope you’ll be excited about a substantial life in Christ and that you will allow us to walk with you in it. If you would like to talk further about our Savior or our church we invite you to call or email any member of our church staff.